"Tourism benefits the world"

PUBLISHED: 01 Jan 2007

AUTHOR: James Gledhill

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Tourism has traditionally been a way of escaping the cares of the world, but mounting fears about the impact of mass tourism mean that tourists are now encouraged not to leave their consciences at home. A debate about whether mass tourism is exploitative [Ref: BBC News] has been going on for some time, leading to the rise of related ideas like ethical (dead link), [Ref: Association of Independent Tour Operators] or eco tourism [Ref: Global Development Research Centre]. However, recently the focus has switched from whether we should travel more responsibly to whether we should actually travel less. The increase in cheap flights is a particular focus of controversy. The Bishop of London has argued that it’s selfish and sinful to contribute to climate change by flying on holiday, and that we should ‘walk more lightly upon the earth’ [Ref: Times Online]. Even the editors of backpackers’ bibles Lonely Planet and Rough Guide have sought to discourage ‘casual flying’ [Ref: Guardian]. Carbon offsetting [Ref: Wikipedia] services, which seek to cancel out the carbon dioxide produced by flying, are increasingly popular. Gap years have also come in for criticism, with warnings that they may do more harm than good [Ref: Guardian]. There has, however, been a backlash against the war on tourism, with renewed arguments for the economic and social benefits tourism brings. Critics detect snobbery against mass tourism, moral posturing and hypocrisy, with people bemoaning the effects of tourism while continuing to take full advantage of its many benefits. They ask on what basis people claim a right to tell others how to enjoy themselves. The overall impact of tourism therefore needs to be reassessed, and the question remains: is the holiday over for mass tourism?

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This section provides a summary of the key issues in the debate, set in the context of recent discussions and the competing positions that have been adopted.

Is mass tourism exploitative?
From the time that the father of mass tourism, Thomas Cook, organised the world’s first package tour in 1841, tourism has been more than the preserve of a privileged few. The post-war expansion of air travel kick started the era of international mass travel, which today, with the increase in cheap flights, includes many more short breaks alongside annual summer holidays. But tourism has many critics who accuse it of three main forms of exploitation: economic, environmental and cultural. There is disagreement about whether ethical tourism provides the answer, and it has its critics on both sides of the debate. On the for side there are those who argue all tourism is beneficial and that we shouldn’t make moralising distinctions between different types of holiday. On the against side, some people question whether ‘ethical’ tourism is ever really possible. The debate is increasingly framed in terms of whether global tourism levels should be reduced.

Do the economic benefits outweigh the costs?
Tourism is the world’s largest industry and the only source of rapid development for many small developing countries. However, it’s criticised for the way in which most of the money goes to companies abroad rather than local people. One side points to the benefits from employment and associated opportunities for small family businesses like cafes and handicrafts, while the other points to the large areas of land that are bought up by foreign companies, creating resorts which exclude local people and which tourists seldom leave.

Does tourism damage or improve the environment?
Environmentalists argue flying is the fastest growing cause of climate change, although it is currently responsible for only three percent of greenhouse gas emissions. There are calls for a tax on aviation fuel to discourage flying. Budget airlines are a focus of criticism, but they argue that they are more efficient than other carriers. The debate over the effect on the environment of tourist destinations sets benefits like the creation of national parks, restoration of monuments and improved infrastructure against damage to coral reefs, pressure on water resources and the effects of golf courses and resorts on people and the landscape.

Does tourism undermine indigenous cultures or break down barriers?
Our pursuit of the exotic, some say, is turning other cultures into consumer goods. Even independent travel is not immune from criticism, as it brings package tourists in its wake. Sex tourism is seen as indicative of rampant exploitation. Counter arguments say tourism promotes cultural understanding, even supposedly superficial package holidays. Trying to protect indigenous cultures, it’s argued, denies them the benefits of development, treating them as museum pieces to be admired rather than active cultures to be engaged with.

Should we travel less?
There are few voices making a positive case for travel. Previously, travel was associated with the way social progress afforded free time for individual leisure and even self-improvement. Travel was held to ‘broaden the mind’ and being ‘well travelled’ commanded respect. Now many people present a negative view: we’re ‘addicted to oil’ and our disruptive restlessness undermines community life and threatens the planet. While some commentators argue that ‘flying kills’ [Ref: Guardian] and would welcome travel once again becoming an ‘expensive luxury [Ref: Guardian], others argue that we shouldn’t lose sight of the remarkable opportunities travel affords us and that we should actually work to ensure that these can enjoyed by more of the people of the world.


It is crucial for debaters to have read the articles in this section, which provide essential information and arguments for and against the debate motion. Students will be expected to have additional evidence and examples derived from independent research, but they can expect to be criticised if they lack a basic familiarity with the issues raised in the essential reading.

Does Reproductive Tourism Treat Women Like Cattle?

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Definitions of key concepts that are crucial for understanding the topic. Students should be familiar with these terms and the different ways in which they are used and interpreted and should be prepared to explain their significance.


Useful websites and materials that provide a good starting point for research.

Thomas Cook

Wikipedia 14 November 2018

Ghana after aid

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‘Overtourism’ Is driving europeans crazy

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Adventures in tourism

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Links to organisations, campaign groups and official bodies who are referenced within the Topic Guide or which will be of use in providing additional research information.


Relevant recent news stories from a variety of sources, which ensure students have an up to date awareness of the state of the debate.

Majority of residents in favour of tourists

Various Visit Reykjavik 5 November 2018

Airlines hit out at increases in UK passenger taxes

Josh Spero Financial Times 30 October 2018

Leading ethical tourism charity forced to close

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Will you soon have to pay a tourist tax to visit the Scottish Highlands?

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High Line neighbours hate “High Line tourists”

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It’s a sin to fly, says church

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Euro MPs push for air fuel taxes

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A nation of careless travellers

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Tourism revival key for Maldives

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Pope condemns mass tourism

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