Notre Dame Sixth Form College

St. Marks Avenue Leeds West Yorkshire LS2 9BL

“Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College was formed in September 1989 to serve as the sixth form centre for Catholic education in Leeds. For nearly ninety years prior to its opening, a girls’ school flourished on the same site. This was one of a network of girls’ secondary schools in England and Scotland which belonged to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. In 1898, the Sisters came to Leeds, to the house in St Mark’s Avenue, and to the two-classroomed parish school of St Anne’s situated behind it. In 1904 the main part of what is now the Sixth Form College was built and opened as Notre Dame Collegiate School for Girls from the age of eleven to fourteen. The school was was handed over to the diocese in the 1970s when the Sisters changed their focus to education in developing countries.”



Qualifying Round: Leeds 2013/14

DEBATE: Social media

Regional Final: Yorkshire 2013/14

DEBATE: Unpaid Internships

Regional Final: Yorkshire 2013/14

DEBATE: Smacking

Qualifying Round: Leeds 2014/15

DEBATE: Unhealthy Lifestyles

Qualifying Round: Leeds 2014/15

DEBATE: Art Censorship

Qualifying Round: Leeds 2015/16

DEBATE: Compulsory Vaccinations

Qualifying Round: Leeds 2016/17

DEBATE: Free speech on social Media

Qualifying Round: Leeds 2016/17

DEBATE: Autonomous vehicles

Championship: Yorkshire 2018

DEBATE: Historical monuments


Thursday 27 June:
Oxfordshire Championship at Oxford Union, in partnership with Magdalen College School and Oxford Festival of Arts

Friday 5 July:
North East Championship at Durham Sixth Form Centre


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Bernie Whelan, our DM coordinator, is raising money for Debating Matters. To stage one of our Championships for six to 12 teams costs £6,000. Find out more on Bernie’s Wonderful fundraising page.


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